How Flexible is your
Scope of Work?


Flexing Your SOW

As a privately owned company, we answer to our clients (not stockholders). Throughout this pandemic, our ability to adjust a contracted Scope of Work (SOW) was key for our clients to maintain their shuttered or partially closed facilities.

The result? Our service delivery is always appropriate for your stage of operations and our effort is applied in areas that have the most critical impact.

Improve Your Facility Operations

Reopen Responsibly and Redefine Your SOW

As a facility professional, what should you do during what looks like a “rain delay” for reopening offices? Here are some better ways to use your time during the postponement.


Pivot Quickly and Adapt

Unprecedented times create new challenges and put added pressure on facilities. The ability to change and be fluid is key.

Evolve quickly, reinvent operations procedures and act fast with adaptable scopes of work to protect the health and safety of the facility environment.

Flagship will help develop a Scope of Work that allow your onsite staff to expand/contract to ensure that service delivery is always appropriate for your stage of operations and help control costs.


What is a Scope of Work or SOW?

A Scope of Work (or sometimes called a Statement of Work or SOW) allows you to clearly define the who, what, where, when, why, and how projects, jobs or activities will be completed. The SOW defines contractual expectations, the activities that will take place, a reporting structure, timelines to complete each activity, response time, pricing structure and any conditions or restrictions.

While most vendors commit to the SOW and follow it to the letter, they will not allow for much, if any, flexibility, even during times of change. Your ability to work with a vendor that allows you to adapt the SOW to put your needs first and flex over time will give your business a competitive advantage.

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Flagship’s PUREClean™ puts your employees’ health and wellbeing first and helps you get back to the business of business.

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Drive Improvement at Your Facilities

Flagship’s personalized approach integrates people, processes, and technology to give you a holistic view of your facilities, increase visibility into your data, identify cost savings, monitor productivity and improve health and safety. Gain increased control over your facilities with real-time data that can be used to create greater facilities, systems, longevity and efficiency.


Client Testimonials

“ My experience with Flagship includes them cleaning over 1 million square feet every day. They have always done a fantastic job with effective employee communication, superior service delivery – and they have been very cost-effective. In fact, I consider them my ‘go-to’ team for issues that are not even covered in our current contract, because I know they will get the job done no matter what it takes. ”

Director of Operations at an International Airport

Client Stories

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Get a New Perspective on Your Facility

Every facility has room for improvement. Discover the ways that Flagship can redefine your SOWs to help you reach your goals and implement programs or solutions that achieve the greatest impact for your occupants.

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Flagship's customizable approach to your facility's needs will help you incorporate solutions that will protect your occupants and assets now and into the future. Complete the information form and get the help you need to keep your facility healthy and safe, or call 4.

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Request Scope of Work Review

The ability to change and be fluid during times of uncertainty is key. We can help develop a Scope of Work to ensure that service delivery is always appropriate for your stage of operations.

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Suppliers / Subcontractors

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